X Ray Cinema

September 16, 2017 @ 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm

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http://thexraycinema.com/ https://twitter.com/The_XRays_ https://www.facebook.com/thexraycinema?fref=ts

The X-Ray Cinema are a powerful and original four-piece band, playing music that blends the exotic moods and energy of Eastern European music with the mystery and romance of Ennio Morricone’s famous Spaghetti Western scores, perfectly accompanied by the gravel-voiced authority of a Johnny Cash outlaw sermon.

The cascading melodies of the mandolin, electric guitar and accordion, accompanied by strong bass and percussion seduces the audience and place the band equally at home in tiny sweat-drenched bars and town halls, from festivals to free-for-alls. The X-Ray Cinema has the versatility to bring a more acoustic sound to the floor using cajon and acoustic guitars without sacrificing the intensity of their delivery. The band definitely demand the attention of the audience in either format.

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Friends since their late teens, the band has built a tight musical understanding over a 20 year history of co-conspiracy taking in the indie scene of the 1990’s, garage psychedelia and skiffle-punk. Their current sound demonstrates their adventurous appetite to explore music from all over the world, The X-Ray Cinema definitely demand the attention of the audience.

Their recently released debut EP, “Have Mercy” features different facets of the group, with two pulsating telecaster-soaked rousers, two further restrained and evocative songs featuring acoustic guitars and accordion, and an acoustic version of the crowd favourite “Hava Nagila”. The EP is regularly featured on independent radio stations across Lancashire such as Cowbell Radio and Preston FM, drawing comparisons to Tom Waits and The Pogues.

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